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  • Boston Dynamics Teases New Electric Atlas Humanoid Robot
  • Boston Dynamics revealed a new fully electric Atlas robot after retiring the hydraulic Atlas last week. The new Atlas shows mankind is getting much closer to making the robots we imagined from science fiction a reality.

  • Researchers Observe Many New Species on Seamounts Off Chile Coast
  • Researchers think they discovered up to 50 new deep-sea species in remote underexplored seamounts off the coast of Chile. The international team of researchers was led by Ariadna Mech√≥ of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputaci√≥n (BSC-CNS).

  • CSU Researchers Forecast Extremely Active Atlantic Hurricane Season
  • Meteorologists from Colorado State University (CSU) are forecasting an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season. Their 2024 forecast includes 23 named storms, 11 hurricanes, 5 major hurricanes, 115 named storm days and 13 major hurricane days.

  • Hyundai Motor and Kia Unveil DAL-e Delivery Robot
  • Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation have unveiled their new autonomous delivery robot named DAL-e. They see it working in office, malls, stores, restaurants and more.

  • H5N1 Discovered at Texas Egg Facility
  • Cal-Main Foods reported that one of its facilities located in Parmer County, Texas, tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) or H5N1. As a result the company has culled approximately 1.6 million egg laying hens and 337,000 pullets.

  • New Gecko Species Named After Van Gogh
  • A gecko species discovered in the Southern Western Ghats by researchers from the Thackeray Wildlife Foundation in India has been named Cnemaspis vangoghi. The gecko's body colorings reminded researchers of Van Gogh's The Starry Night painting.

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